Who says that only women are fashionable? Modern men are equally getting fashionable and don’t hesitate to look for the newer options available in the market. They want to look perfect on all the occasions, so they build up their own collection of fashionable and stylish clothing and footwear.

There are plenty of fashion designers and stores which are dedicated to men only. They provide the latest options for clothes and footwear for men. When it comes to buying the right pair of shoes, men are no longer just a pair of black or brown formal shoes which they wear everywhere. Rather they are having a huge range of options available in the market.

Popular options of shoes available for men

Some of the best shoes for men are:


They are the finest pair of shoes that all the men love to wear. It is a kind for formal footwear that is needed to be worn with a pair of formal pants and shirt of any color. Black and brown are the most opted color among those who are buying this type of shoes. As this type of shoes is for the formal occasions hence, you need to pair it up with the black, brown, dark grey or navy blue colored socks. Generally, black socks are perfect. In some designs of oxford shoes, you can find variations like wing tip, buck, cap-toe, and holes to provide more breathability to the wearer.


If you are looking for the shoes perfect for the formal as well as the informal occasions then slip-on shoes are the best option. This type of shoes can be worn very easily as there is no straps or laces to tie. You can slip your feet into the shoes and go. You can match the right pair of slip-on with your clothes like jeans, chinos, pants or trousers. Some of the popular options in the range of slip-on shoes are:

  • Loafers: This type of shoes has flat heels with no straps or laces.
  • Moccasins: It looks like loafer shoes, but they are different. They are characterized by the soft soles and non-separable heels.
  • Monk shoes: This type of shoes has the strap and the buckle to give the stylish looks to the wearer.
  • Espadrilles: This type of shoes is suitable for summer outings. They are made up of fabric with the rubber soles.

Each type of slip-on shoes had different features and worn with the different types of clothes on different occasions.


Loafers are probably the bust choke among the men for the comfort they provide. It gives the look of being a smartly dressed up. You can practically wear up for all the types of occasions. Loafers for men are generally available in leather and synthetic leather, and they have a separate sole. Traditionally no embellishment features are there on this type of shoes but these days many footwear brands have started giving variations in loafers to give you a smarter look. This type of shoes is perfect for the businessmen at the daytime and the partygoers at night. Their comfort, versatility, and functionality are appealing and aesthetically fit for getting smartly dressed up.

The classic sneakers

You can call the sneakers and the unisex shoes as they can be worn by the men and the women both. Generally, teenagers are fond of wearing sneakers. These are available in the classic white color or with some variations to give you the stylish looks. This type of shoes has the flat soles and gives you the classic cool looks. You can wear it with jeans, t-shirts, Capri, and shorts as well. Whether you are going for hangout with your childhood buddies or shopping, sneakers are the best comfort and stylish shoes that you should go with.


These are the formal men's boots have become more stylized according to the changing fashion trends among men. For casual occasions, you can wear this type of shoes with khakis or jeans with T-shirts. They are luxury and designer shoes which can be worn on many corporate occasions as well. These ankle high leather boots have the calfskin or leather uppers while its sole is of leather or rubber. There is two or three pairs of eyelets on this type of shoes, and in many designs, they are get hidden under the hem of the pants or trousers. Chukka boots with the crepe rubber soles and suede uppers are known as desert boots.

Shoes for the sporty person

If you are an athlete or sporty person, then you can realize the importance of wearing the right pair of shoes. They not only provide you a great comfort but also improve your sports performance. There are different types of sports shoes which are available for men. They are made up of fabric and synthetic materials.  When you are going to buy this type of shoes, you can check its sole type. The well-engraved sole provides a better grip on the ground to give the powerful performance. Another feature of this type of shoes is that they are lightweight hence make it easier for the players or athletes to move, run or jump easily. Apart from the sports reason, this type of shoes is liked by the non-sporty person as well to get the smoother experience in walking.

 Hybrid boots for men

Despite being known for the durability, the leather shoes for men are less durable than the shoes made up of the synthetic materials.  This is the reason why people who want to have durable shoes or need to work in the harsh conditions look for the hybrid boots. It is the type of shoes which are perfectly designed to face the harsh environmental conditions to protect your feet. They are weather resistant and waterproof. In most of the cheap shoes for men, hybrid boots are the best. They are insulated with nylon material and coupled with leather to give comfort to the wearer.

Chelsea Boot

It is another type of shoes that men prefer to have in their collection of footwear. This type of boots has the elastic gusset so that you can pull it and wear it easily. However, the refined silhouette of the laced shoes is maintained when you wear this type of shoes. Chelsea boot is an important part of the equestrian dress up. It provides the full protection to the feet and covers up the ankle as well. They have the low heels and rounded toes. Its quarters and vamp meet near the ankle. They are joined together with the elastic gusset. The special feature about this type of shoes is that it is made up of single leather. Thus, there is minimum stitching and joints which keeps these shoes durable.

Buy the decorative Brogues

This type of shoes is the classy pair of shoes that all the men want to wear. The decorative perforations make the shoes stylish for semi-formal or casual occasions. You can get the brogues in the oxfords as well to get the classical and stylish looks. Brogues are a kind of gents shoes can be worn with the trouser- shirt, pant- shirt or trouser- T-shirt. Take your pick on the basis of the design of the brogues o the shoes. Popular types of brogues designs include:

  • Full brogues: The shoes in which you can see wing-shaped cap extends out of the toes are known to have full brogue design. This type of shoes is more decorative than the other types of shoes.
  • Semi-brogues: The brogue is created on the front part only and that too along the seam of the cap toe of the shoes. It adds the subtle and the elegant looks to the shoes.
  • Longwing Brogues: Brogue is made along the wingtip cap which continues to the sides of the shoes to give it a full decorative appearance.
  • Quarter Brogues: As the name suggests, only quarter portion of the shoes is brogue to give the attractive looks to the simple shoes. Hints of brogue decoration can be seen at the top of the shoes.

The finishing of the brogues affects the appeal and the quality of shoes. Thus, always look for the shoes with the smooth and the clear brogues as it gives the attractive looks to the shoes.

Look for the online stores to buy the men’s shoes

Shopping is one of the daunting tasks for the men. They find it time-consuming to go for shopping. Hence with the availability of online stores, you are able to experience the convenience of shopping.  You can easily look for the best online shoe stores for men to buy the right pair of shoes.  You can buy luxury men's shoes online to casual shoes, hiking shoes, nice formal shoes for men and many more other options at a reasonable price.

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